Elizabeth Julia Reid was born on 24 February 1915 at Waverley, Sydney. She was the second of three children of John and Annie Reid, nee Phibbs.

Elizabeth attended Lourdes Hill College from 1927 until 1933 as a day student. She graduated as a nurse at the Brisbane General Hospital in 1938.

Elizabeth moved to Sydney to study with The Grail, a lay-missionary movement fostering the empowerment of women. She was a pioneering Australian member. A talented writer and editor, she also worked for The Grail in Melbourne.

In 1948, she began work in Hong Kong, then as a journalist at the UN, in Africa and India. In Hong Kong, Elizabeth edited and produced the weekly Catholic diocesan newspaper, Sunday Examiner, as well as training student journalists. She established a Grail centre assisting refugees, mostly from the People’s Republic of China. On a holiday to Australia, Elizabeth produced a report on Indigenous people in Cape York and the Northern Territory.

In 1956, Elizabeth began work in New York for the International Movement for the Fraternal Union of All Races and Peoples. She worked to present a Catholic perspective on human rights, the status of women and freedom of education. She worked in Africa teaching journalism and began Grail self-help projects for women in several African countries.

Elizabeth began work in New Delhi, India, in 1966 for Action for Food Production, establishing projects funded by churches and governments. She saw herself as ‘a bridge builder’ who trained local people to take over what she began. Fittingly, her partly-autobiographical book outlining the work of The Grail is called I Belong Where I am Needed.

After a short illness, Elizabeth died at The Hague in The Netherlands on 23 December1974. She is buried in the grounds of the Tiltenberg, the former International Centre of The Grail Movement.    
Written by Ros Finnigan
Snapshot of LHC: 1926-1935

Courts for a variety of sports and recreational activities were designed. St Cecilia’s, (aka The Cottage) became a centre for music. In 1926 the Lourdes Hill Past Pupils’ Association was established. In 1928 three Lourdanians were our first graduates from the University of Queensland. The College Hymn dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes was composed in 1934. The first edition of The Lourdanian magazine was produced in 1935.
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