From a very young age, Tracy Madden (nee Monger) knew she wanted to be two things: a mother and a published author.

She commenced at Lourdes Hill College in 1972 and remembers three pivotal aspects of her school life, which she believes shaped her into the woman she is today.

On Fridays, Tracy participated in the College’s Mission Sewing group, where she worked with colourful fabrics producing shorts for children in need. Tracy’s nurturing side shone through as she envisaged the young children wearing the shorts she had sewn. Plus, little did she know, her love of fabrics and colour would eventually lead her to her profession as an interior designer.

Tracy has fond memories of the College library and the exciting world it bought to her. It was there that her love of literature grew, and she dreamt of following in the footsteps of her favourite childhood authors, Laura Ingalls Wilder and Enid Blyton.

Finally, Tracy studied French at Lourdes Hill, igniting a ‘love affair’ with France, which still burns brightly today. As an author, Tracy cannot help herself but weave the magic of France throughout her novels.

After school, Tracy took her creative flair to the beauty world, working as a cosmetician at a city pharmacy. After further study, it was an easy transition from colour on the face to colour inside of homes.

Marrying at 18 and having become a mother at 20, Tracy and her husband came to be empty nesters while she was still in her forties, providing her with an opportunity to pursue her lifelong desire to become an author. She set to work on her first book, The Essential Ingredient – Love, and became a published author in her fiftieth year.

Tracy’s second book, Love is the Answer, was released three years later, in 2013, with both books reaching readers in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Europe.

Tracy’s most important role will always be as a mother and now a grandmother. Presently she is working on her third novel, all the while still working as an interior designer.

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Patricia and Barbara Mann 1963 - 1966

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Interestingly, both of their daughters have also been awarded doctorates. Gemma, Barbara’s daughter, attended Lourdes Hill College in the 1990s and was awarded her PhD in Materials Engineering from UQ. Jane, Patricia’s daughter, attended St. Benedict’s with the Good Samaritan Sisters and Mt. Maria College, and was awarded her PhD in Business from ANU.
Snapshot of LHC: 1966-1975

The 50th anniversary celebrations included the visit by two of the original Sisters and a Mass with over 100 Good Samaritan nuns. The Student Representative Council (SRC) was introduced. The House system changed and the new Houses were named Chisholm, Duhig, Oxley and Polding. The great Brisbane flood of 1974 made an impact with a landslide near the Science Block and nearby flooding being a major cause for concern.
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